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La Vida Más Chévere is a (semi)-weekly behind-the-scenes peek into the Spanglish podcast. As a companion to the only Spanglish podcast for childfree Latinas y Latines, by a childfree Latina, this is your space to feel supported in what can sometimes feel like a lonely road. Be calladita no longer!

Because it turns que la vida más chévere when you’ve got support for your decisions to live the life you want to design.

Expect topics that might feel uncomfortable at first, like:

  • Why you gotta prioritize yourself

  • How perfectionism guarantees failure

  • And expanded exploration of topics directly from each episode

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Meet Paulette

Hi, I’m Paulette the creator, producer, and host of La Vida Más Chévere: Through the Childfree Lens Podcast. I also happen to be a first-gen and childfree Latina.

While being childfree is the least interesting thing about me, it is a core identity. And finding other childfree Latinas or Latines like me hasn’t been easy.

Latinidad is a curious and complex thing. We might feel like we straddle two different cultures, and like we don’t measure up or belong in either. Add to that the shock that can ripple through the family when we decide not to adhere to societal norms: all hell can break loose!

Refusing to conform to cultural traditions can put us at odds con nuestra cultura y la familia. But designing a life you love, the best version for YOU despite what la familia might think, is a gigantic indicator of self-awareness, boundaries, and proof that you’re a peak adult!

And that’s validation that your parents raised you well…even if they don’t think so.

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Companion to La Vida Más Chévere de Childfree Latinas with Paulette Erato podcast. Looking to unlearn the toxic cultural brainwashing you grew up in and design your best life instead? Then you're in the right place!